Monday, March 23, 2009

Lucky Clover and SUPER Banana

As I looked down at the students cleaning the courtyard the other day, I asked them if they were finding any lucky clover. They said no, and went back to sweeping and pruning the grass. I got some of the extra 4-leaf clover window decals (thanks, Aunt Barbara!) and showered them down... Wow! What a stir it caused! They were all really happy to find such good luck during cleaning time! :)

Today, in our last class of the school year, the first year students presented original commercials in English about a generic product they were assigned.

Here are some of the memorable products...

*S*U*P*E*R* Banana!

When you eat these bananas, you become a *superstar*!

"FLASH Hatz"

Wear this hat and you get new ideas in a flash!

(I especially liked the fact that they not only sewed a light bulb into the top of the hat, but also offered a second, more powerful bulb as a bonus gift if you ordered a Flash Hat today! Their slogan "Hat de Hot" is really a Japanese phrase, but I thought it had a cool international sound & good meaning, so I didn't give them too much grief about using Japanese)

***Featuring a is patented
"three stratum structure" -
the outside is soda, middle is chocolate, and a variety of fruit flavors in the inner core.
(can you tell this was from the science track students?)

Angel Ring Shampoo
('before' photo)

"Help scientists in the world!"
Use this shampoo for clean, beautiful, straight hair.

(Because, I guess scientists are notorious for having problems with their hair??? I think the the name, Angel Ring, had something to do with having an angel's halo.
I really admired this student's willingness to get up in that 'get up'! Her costume was a big hit! I like how they targeted a specific population, too.)

Good job, students! The teachers and I were really impressed with your creativity and bravery!

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