Friday, June 19, 2009

It's official...

On August 1 I will be boarding a plane and leaving Nagasaki... I'm taking a few days off at the end of my contract so I can visit the Ghibli Museum and climb Mt. Fuji (in the Tokyo "area") that first week of August.

Wow. Three years. Done.

But I still have a few more (VERY busy) weeks left! I've still got classes till July 17 (and work until the 31st), but I'm working on cleaning out, shipping out, and starting my goodbyes... and getting as much "training" in as I can so I can get to the top of Fuji!

What's next? After spending a little bit of time in South Florida, I will be headed out to stay with my cousin at his parish in a wee town in southern Oregon. I'm looking forward to life in the slow lane as I get reacclimated to Super WalMarts and people driving on the right side of the road again.


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Charlie said...

Welcome home ... kinda. It will be nice to know you are stateside again, but geesh? Oregon? I'm really not sure that's all that much closer!