Sunday, June 14, 2009

my swanky accomodations

#1 - Here's the room where I slept (have sleeping bag-will travel!).
#2 - the view out my window (from my sleeping bag)
#3 - the view of the tokonoma in my room (also from my sleeping bag vantage point)
#4 - the friend I didn't sleep with (YEA!!!) As we were out for a walk, my (two-legged) friend and I found this HUGE mukade feasting on a cockroach. I am SO glad we didn't have any visitors like this at the ryokan!


Tracey said...

In the mukade picture, that's my package of gum in the lower left. I just didn't have anything with me to give you some sense of size. I also left it as an offering to the beast, in the hopes that he'd be more interesting in chewing on IT rather than on me!

Cara said...

Glad you were able to take advantage of no snow - in June!! And it appears your offering to the beast was accepted as you lived to post the pics! :-)

Bill said...

Lorie said that the centipede-looking bug, mudade, or whatever it is called is definitely not a girlie bug!