Monday, June 29, 2009

Picture Book Museum

Since I didn't go to the islands this weekend, I played tourist in Nagasaki and found this adorable little picture book museum up near Glover Garden. I adore picture books (and one of my goals is to write one in the near future), and found this place absolutely charming.

...even the door to the washroom was interesting!

I know - it really doesn't look like a building in Japan! This place was so inviting - completely unlike many of the large bookstores with their mind-numbing uniform rows of books & flourescent light banks, and their generally antiseptic atmostphere. When I stepped through the gates to this place, however, I felt gently drawn in to the doorway here...much like I'm drawn to the wafting smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven... Now - if they had fresh baked chocolate cookies and books at this place, I probably would never leave!


Cousin Bill said...


Even though you did not get to go mountain climbing, as hoped, nevertheless it looks like a serendipity occurred instead. Good for you. Did you know that the Augustinians have a mission in Nagasaki? Bro. Andrew lived through the bombing in 1945 and still lives there. He is Japanese and an Augustinian. My classmate, Jack McAtee was in Fukuoka for ten years.

Cousin Bill

Tracey said...

Bill, do you know the name of this mission/church? I would really like to visit it before I leave. Is it actually in Nagasaki City or in Nagasaki Prefecture?

Barb said...

So many times when I look at the pictures you have put on this blog, I can't help saying, "Ahhhhh," right out loud. You have seen and photographed some of the most beautiful and "simple" places on your Japanese journey. What a gift to you and to all of us who have followed your walk. Thanks, Tracy, for being my eyes in Japan. . . and for photographing all the little out-of-the-way gems that you have found.

Cara said...

When you have a draft of your first picture book, I know the perfect 'tester' for you! :-)
Glad you found the picture book museum - and I'm right there with you on the door to the washroom - very cool!