Saturday, June 27, 2009


So...when life gives me lemons, I make... a bike trip? Certain key members of my Goto Island posse got sick, the forecast predicted RAIN ALL WEEKEND, so I saved my ferry & island bungalow money and I climbed Inasayama (Mt. Inasa, overlooking Nagasaki City)instead. I figured I'd chance being out on my bike for as long as the weather held. So far the only rain we've had today lasted about 20 minutes. Apparently, it's not really going to actually RAIN during rainy season this year.


Tracey said... we're getting lots of rain now. Nice of it to hold off till I got home on my bike!
The view of Mt. Inasa there was the view I had of my window last night, by the way. The bike ride up to the antennas (and observation deck) on top there was really nice - hardly any traffic or buildings :)

Cousin Bill said...


Sorry that the weather held up your plans, but remember to hold it up to the criterion, "Quod hoc in aeternum?" (What will this look like from the viewpoint of all eternity?) We're almost to the beginning of July! Wednesday is July first, wow!

Cousin Bill