Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lunch in Ghana, Blue Skies, and a Ride on the Neko Bus

I just want to let you know that I survived all the disasters we've apparently been having! Fortunately, the typhoon wasn't very bad near me (in fact, the weather was much better than it has been! Just a bit windy, but no dramas), and the earthquakes are way up around Tokyo. So Sunday I met the girls for lunch in Nagasaki at a lovely little international restaurant that serves a different nation's food each day. You can see our cook there in the middle; I think she might be studying at Nagasaki University. I tried to show off the delicious stew on the plate there, but it got cut off.

Here's a shot of the view off my back porch looking off towards the mountains where I went firefly hunting. (hey, you CO peeps, pipe down there - they're mountains to ME, anyway - just let me live with that fantasy :) ). I can't believe I actually took pictures of the blue sky, but, I kinda forgot what it looks like! You can also make out the clay "path" that runs along the green hill there - I usually take that shortcut to the konbini or bus stop. Gets to be exciting in some parts since it's only about as wide as one of my feet!
The other picture is from a little Totoro store up off of Hollander's Slope in Nag. Apparently there's also some kind of a big cat bus in the Totoro movie, and this store had a life-sized model! Maybe I should just get this Totoro movie and have my bar eikaiwa students explain it to me. But then again, some things are more fun when they're a mystery.

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